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Female Hinge MP2 with Bushes

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US50 / diam. - Steel

Female Hinge MP2 with Bushes


Material: Aluminium EN AB and AC 46100 – Al Si Cu 2 (Fe)
Standard Finish: Rough – Grey (the finished part is tapped)
Possible coatings: Black electrophoresis, Anodising
Available in the following sizes: 32 – 40 – 50 – 63 – 80 – 100 – 125 – 160 – 200 – 250 – 320

This type of rear female hinge with bushings is made in order to comply with the ISO 15552 reference standard. All parts are manufactured and assembled at our headquarters in Italy and are subjected to strict quality controls in our laboratories under the supervision of our technical staff.

Product structure

Female Hinge MP2 with Bushes - Product structure

Data sheet

Female Hinge MP2 with Bushes - Data sheet

Technical Specifications: the female hinge can be sold in two different variants

  • US03    Without Bushings
  • US50    With Bushings | Bushings: PTFE sintered steel

Field of use: the MP2 female hinge with bushings is used for ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinder/actuator assembly. It is intended to be mounted on the rear end of the cylinder. The MP2 female hinge with bushings is fixed to the cylinder with 4 screws and works in combination with our MP4 rear male hinge (see our article 0030). The steel pin (article 0007, fixed with 2 seegers) connects the MP2 and MP4 parts, making standard application perfect.

Advantages: the use of aluminium makes the application lighter. Resistance is guaranteed according to ISO 15552 standards, with the possibility of requesting the results of our strength tests carried out by our specialised technicians.

Customisation: the MP2 rear female hinge with bushings can be customised to suit your needs in terms of geometry (dimensions and tolerances), finish (protective treatments), components, packaging.

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