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Our Italian


The production plants in Italy are kept
constantly updated, checked and maintained.

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High level of quality and precision

The machine fleet is made up of highly technological means for the production of
large volumes of mounting parts for standard or customized products.

Machine fleet

CNC work centers

CNC lathes


Robots for system loading/unloading

precision and accuracy

This organization allows us to maintain a high level of quality of our products and accuracy of processing. The production plants are kept constantly updated, periodically checked and maintained.

5 automated
vertical warehouses

In 2015 we invested in logistics management, introducing 5 automated vertical warehouses. This innovation has allowed us to improve purchase planning and the management of semi-finished products, making production flows more fluid and streamlined and reducing product delivery times.

Constantly updated
on new technologies

The CNC equipment, tools and programming methods have been designed to be flexible and to allow the production to respond promptly to market demand peaks, without slowing delivery times.


Our goal?

Optimize the stability of the production process and make products meet the specifications requested by our customers.